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Polybend is now replacing bendalloy and cerrobend for tube and wave guide bending, due mainly to Health & Safety regulations.  

Alloys containing lead and/or cadmium are considered to be dangerous to use, however, we believe that properly used and with the correct safeguards in place, there should be no problems, and we can still supply them. The main consideration is that any tubing or section bent using alloys could possibly have a residue left behind when melted out.

A pull through can be used, but it is not at all certain that all the alloy will be removed. This is particularly critical for example, in the medical, catering and aerospace industries.

Polybend is a replacement eco product,which when melted produces 1 litre of fluid per kilogram.  It is water soluble, biodegradable, more economical and easier to use.  It can be reused time and time again with slight losses at each melting.

Polybend the new tube bending material

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